Local fishing regulations for Namsenvassdraget 2022

Adopted by the supervisory board in Namsenvassdraget Elveierlag 24/11 2021 

It is the landlord's / card seller's duty to inform the anglers about the local fishing rules, as well as check whether the fishing fee has been paid and whether the anglers have a valid disinfection certificate. It is the angler´s duty to familiarize themself with the local fishing rules so that fishing is practiced in accordance with these. 

Ayna Heilong
tirsdag 23.mars 2021 / 13:53

§1 Allowed dates for fishing salmon and sea trout 

Namsen below Nedre Fiskumfoss: 1 June – 31 August.  
Above Nedre Fiskumfoss: 1 July -15 September. 
Høylandsvassdraget and Bjøra: 15 May -31 August.* 
Sanddøla: 1 June – 31 August. Above Møllefoss to and including Bergsfossen: 15 June – 15 September. 

§2 Mid-season evaluation 

Namsenvassdraget Elveierlag (NE) is required to implement a mid-season evaluation as a basis for assessing restrictions in the fishing rules. The board of NE shall receive a pre-approved agreement with the authorities before the start of the season. This will be published as soon as it is available. The main features of the agreement are listed below: 

• Situation A - More than 130% achievement of the spawning stock target: The fishing pressure can be increased if desired. The increase in fishing pressure must nevertheless be adapted to how high the forecast is above the spawning stock target, and the uncertainty in the forecasts must also be taken into account. 
Consequence: The personal quota (number of salmon / person / day), increases to 5 salmon, and maximum 1 over 65cm. The personal seasonal quota is increased to 15 salmon. The fishing in the rivers Bjøra, Søråa, Eida and Flåttelva is extended from the 16 of august to the 31 of august after an overall evaluation of relevant conditions. Fishing can be extended under the following conditions: 

  • The water level is higher than 5 m3 /s (measured at the outlet Grongstadvatn). 

  • Light tackle only: natural worms (fished without a sinker), flies (unweighted) presented by a floating fly line or floating bobber. 

  • All female salmon are protected and must be released again in the period 16.08-31.08. 

§3 Quotas, minimum size and discard 

The quotas are personal and cannot be transferred to others.  
The quotas apply to the entire watercourse. 
Daily quota follows the date. 
Season quota follows the calendar year. 
When the daily quota for salmon has been reached, fishing shall cease for the current fishing day. 
When the seasonal quota for salmon has been reached, fishing shall end for the season. 

Daily quota: 
Salmon: 5 killed salmon per day, of which a maximum of 1 salmon over 65cm. 
Sea trout: In Namsen and Sanddøla, 1 pc. and in the Høylandsvassdraget 2 pcs. killed sea trout per day. 

Seasonal quota: 
Salmon: 15 killed salmon per season. 

Minimum size 
All salmon and sea trout under 35 cm. shall be released alive again. 

All release of fish must take place gently and in accordance with current guidelines ( 
NE does not encourage the release of fish above the minimum size when the temperature in the river is above 20 degrees. Anglers are encouraged to measure the water temperature at their fishing location. 
Released fish do not affect the quota, but must be registered on the laksebørsen - as released. 
A fish that is injured to the degree that it is doubtful that it will survive a release, shall be killed and included in the quota. If it is a protected fish, it must be delivered to the landowner. The fish does not go on the quota when it has been confirmed as submitted. This applies to both salmon and trout. 

All post-spawned fish (kelts) are protected and must be released alive. 
All farmed salmon must be killed and handed in to the landowner. 
All humpback salmon must be killed and handed in to the landowner. 
Brown trout do not go on the quota. 

From 1 August, all salmon over 80cm are protected and must be released in a gentle way. 

§4 Fishing equipment and fishing methods 

One is allowed to fish with 

• Living Norwegian worms, lures, spinners, wobblers and flies 

• Floating dip (strike indicator) 

  • Hooks with a distance between the hook stem and the hook tip not larger than 13 mm, for single hook not larger than 15 mm. 

Anything else is forbidden. 

How to fish 

• One hand-held rod from shore, up to three from boat. 

  • Up to two baits per rod during fishing from the bank and maximum one bait per rod during fishing from boat. 

• Use of sinker is only allowed when fishing with worm as the bait. 

  • It is illegal to fish in a way that increases the probability of foul hooking fish. Snagging is strictly forbidden. 

  • It is not permitted to fish at or closer than 50 meters from obstacles to migration. 

Anything not mentioned here is prohibited. 

§5 Reporting of catch 

The anglers is obligated to report all catch of salmon and sea trout to the NE on, as soon as possible and at the latest within 24 hours. This also applies to released fish. 

The catch report must at least contain the date, place, species, weight, the anglers full name, oarsmen, bait and whether the fish has been killed or released.  

All post-spawned salmon (kelts) must be reported on the salmon exchange as, post-spawned. 
All farmed salmon must be registered on the salmon exchange as, farmed. 
All humpback salmon must be registered on the salmon exchange as, humpback salmon. 
Brown trout - it is encouraged that it is registered on the salmon exchange as, brown trout. 

NE has the right to use pictures that are published on the Laksebørs. 

When two persons are fishing together from a boat, it is the angler who is listed first on laksebørsen who takes the catch on their quota. 

When catching sea trout over 2.5 kg, the angler is required to take a picture of the fish and send the picture immediately to: 

§6 Disinfection of tackle and fishing equipment  

All tackle and other equipment (for example, boats, fishing nets, waders, etc.) that are used in other waterways during the same season, shall be disinfected before use in the Namsenvassdraget. A disinfection certificate shall be presented upon purchase / rental of fishing, as well as upon inspections carried out by the river owner’s inspectors if fishing has been done in other waterways.   
An overview of disinfection stations can be found at 

§7 Exceptional rules during special circumstances

In the rivers in the Høylandsvassdraget and Bjøra, during periods of water flow <10 m3 / s measured at the outlet of Grongstadvatnet, light fishing will be introduced. Fishing will then only be allowed with a floating dip (strike indicator), floating fly line, unweighted fly or worms. Sinkers are prohibited. The fishermen themselves are responsible for keeping up to date on water flow. 

An overview of water flow can be found at 

The board of NE can also introduce restrictions or stop fishing in very special cases on the basis of, for example, low water flows, high water temperatures and / or disease outbreaks.

§8 Behavior on the river 

Anglers must be mobile when fishing, as to not hold up pools for others.  
Start above fishermen who are on the same beat. 
Keeping in mind to handle all fish that it may need to be released. 
Show consideration for other anglers. 
Report illegal practices to supervision. 
Leave the fishing spot as you want to find it. 


§9 Violation of the fishing regulations 

Violation of the local fishing regulations can entail fines, prohibition of fishing, and / or reporting to the Police.  Fines that are imposed must be paid before fishing can be taken up again.  The person found to have violated the quota will be prohibited from fishing in Namsenvassdraget for the remaining time of the current season and the whole of the following season. Anglers caught for quota violations are themselves responsible for refraining from fishing. 

In the event of a dispute, the case will be brought before Namdal District Court. 

The following rates of fines apply to Namsenvassdraget: 
Fishing without a valid license: NOK 3 000/ per person 
Violation of quota:  NOK 3 000 /per person 
Omitted catch reporting: NOK 2 000 /per person 
Using prohibited bates: NOK 2000 /per person 
Omitted disinfection: NOK 1 500 /per person 

In the event of a dispute, the case will be submitted to Namdal District Court. 

When buying a fishing license or renting fishing, regulations and sanctions are accepted. 


§10 Force and effect of the fishing regulations 

The regulations will apply from January 1, 2021. The salesperson responsible for issuing fishing licences is obliged to inform the fishermen about the local fishing rules, as well as controlling whether the national fishing fee has been paid, and whether fishermen holds a valid disinfection certificate. The fishermen are personally responsible for reading and understanding these rules regulating the fishing in Namsenvassdraget. It is also the anglers personal responsibility that potential practice of catch and release is done according to the earlier mentioned guidelines.