Sale of out-of-town fishing licenses 01.03.2024

The card sale for out-of-town residents will sold online on 01.03.2024, and the sale starts at 17:00 (Norwegian time).

The sale will be streamed at, and the broadcast will start at 16:45

Note that the stream is in arrears with the sale itself, so you have to follow where you are logged in, when to buy a fishing license.

tirsdag 27.februar 2024 / 09:00

Here you can see how to buy a fishing license online…

The sale will be streamed from 16:45, where there will be information about the sale itself and where presenter Frank Halvorsen will have a sofa chat with general manager Vegard Ludvigsen and others.

If there is anyone who feels that they cannot buy a fishinglicense, contact the office on phone +47 784 34535 or e-mail, no later than Thursday 29 February. at 15:00, we will note your name and number, and call you before it is your turn to buy a fishing licence.

There are fishing licenses for 75 people to be sold, and normally it is the first 75 drawn who get to buy fishing licences. If there are any of the first 75 who choose NOT to buy a fishing license, the tour will go to the next on the list. We sell fishing licenses in order, as long as there are fishing licenses available.

When it comes to available fishing licenses, you can find them when you log on to the link in the message you receive or you can log in at

When it comes to the different fishing spots, there is information about each spot further down on the website.

If you have not fished in the Altaelva before and are lucky enough to be able to buy a fishing license, then we would recommend buying a fishing license in the lower zones, either Raipas or Jøraholmen, where you are not dependent on a boat to get to the places, and you can fish from land or wading.

Alta Laksefiskeri does not hire boats and/or guides, but we pass on requests for this.

And if you need help with accommodation etc., contact the office by e-mail aud@altalaks, and we will help as far as possible.

Prices for fishing licenses:

Prices for fishing licenses for out-of-town fishermen:

2 days in the Sandia zone NOK 7000,-

1 - Day Vina/Jøraholmen and Raipas NOK. 3500,-

3 - 6 nights in August at Raipassonen NOK. 4,800 NOK


The board of ALI has decided that there is a 14-day right of return for paid fishing licences. After this, it is not possible to return the fishing license you have purchased. If you cannot fish, it is possible to transfer a fishing license within the immediate family, at a cost of NOK. 500,-