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Fishing rules for Toåa 2023

Fishing rules for Toåa 2023

Approved by the board of Todalen Elvaeigarlag on 30th March 2023.

Stig HUsby
mandag 25.april 2022 / 20:40

§1 Fishing time

Salmon from June 15th to August 15th.

Seatrout from June 15th to 31 July

Female salmon are prohibited and protected from July 15th.


§2 Conservation zone

It is not allowed to fish on the stretch above Fyrhushølen up to Storfossen. The protection zone is signposted.


§3 Permitted fishing gear

As bait it is only permitted to use ground, lure, spinner, wobbler, fly and float. Shrimp and artificial fields for example gulp) are prohibited. It is permitted to fish  with gear that has up to one triple hook. Maximum size from hook stem to hook tip is 14 mm. Only one gear per person, one line per gear and one bait per line can be used. The gear should not be left out of sight while fishing.

Use of klepp/cabin is not permitted. Electronic gear for lacating the fish are not permitted.


§4 Catch restrictions

All fish under 35cm must be released alive.

Personal quota for killed salmon is a maximum of 1 salom per day, 2 salomns per week and 4 samlomns per season. A maximum of 1 salmon over 80 cm and 1 female salmon per season can be killed.

The fishing day follows the daily indication on the fishing card. When the daily quota has been reached, all fishing must end until a new fishing day begins. The fishing day begins at midnight. The period for a personal weekly quota is calculated from and including the short day the first salmon is killed up to and including the 6th following short day. When the weekly quota has been reached, all fishing shall cease until a new period for the weekly quota begins.When the seasonal quota has been reached, all fishing must end until the new season starts.

There is a quota on the number of released salmon. A maximum of 2 salmons per day can be released before a personal quota is charged. For example if you catch and release salmon number 3 in one and the same fishing day, then the personal daily quota of 1 salmon is considered fulfilled, and the fishing must end until a new fishing day start.

A maximum of 10 salmons can be released per season. When you have caught and released salmon number 10, a personal quota has been met, and fishing must end until the new fishing season begins.

Female salmon are protected from July 15th. If there is any doubt about the sex of the salmon, the fish must be released alive.

Personal quota for killed sea trout is a maximum of 1 per day and 2 per season.

Release of fish must take place as gently as possible.

Farmed/industrial salmon and humpback salmon must be killed and do not meet the quota.

Farmed fish and humpback salmon must be killed and do not meet the quota.


§5 Submission of fish

If you have caught a fish you are not allowed to keep according to the catch restricyions, and it is so damaged that it can not be released, the fish must be killed and handed in the river owners association. Submission must be made within 12 hours of capture.

The catch is not charged to the personal quota once it has been confirmed submitted. This also applies when handing in fish you are allowed to keep.

Handling and delivery of fish shall take place in accordance with the guidelines, which are described below in the last section.


§6 Reporting

All catches, both killed and re-leased, must be reported to the salmon exchange at www.elveguiden.no as soon as possible, and no later than within 12 hours.

A shell sample must be taken of all killed salmon. Sampling must take place in accordance with the guidelines (see further down on the page) and delivered to the specified collection point within 12 hours. Incorrect reporting or inadequate reporting is considered a violation of the fishing rules.


§7 Disinfection of fishing gear

All fishing gear, including nets and waders, used in other watercourses this season must be disinfected in accordance with the guidelines (see further down the page) at one of the specified disinfection stations before fishing can begin.


§8 Penalties, violation of regulations

Violation of the rules as well as complicity in violation is punishable. Violations may result in exclusions, fee and police reporting. Fishing cannot be resumed intil the fee has been paid. The fee for non-reporting and violation of the rules in connection with the use of tools is NOK 3.000. Fee for breach of 24 hours and total quota and/or participation in quota breach is NOK 6000. In addition to the fee, the person who is arrested for quota violations, repeated violations of gear regulations or unacceptable behavior will be banned from Toåa for two years. Unacceptable behavior may be not to comply with the supervisions order, or to act threatening or annoying to other fishermen and landowners. In aggressive cases, the exclusions can be extended. Fishermen who have been banned from Toåa are responsible for refraining from fishing. If this in not complied with, the exclusion will be further extended.

The venue for disputes is Nordmøre District Court.


§9 Entry into force

The rules come into force on June 1st 2021.



Guidelines for disinfection

All fishing gear, nets, waders, boats and the like that have been used in other watercourses this season, must be disinfected before use in Toåa. The disinfection code must be registered on the fishing license. Disinfection of fishing equipment is free, and can be done at Matkroken and Todaleshytta, see map.


Guidelines for submission of fish

Fish that are seriously injured should not be released back into the river, for example when bleeding from the gills or hooking in the eye. Wounds in the oral cavity are not seriously damaged. Seriously damaged fish must be killed and handed in to Todalen Elveeigarlag (TEL) by Asbjørn Karlsen, Mobile 95703023 or Tove T Brøndbo, mobile 92057363, if it is not to go on the quota. All killed female salmon from July 15 to August 15 must be handed in. TEL will deliver the fish to Surnadal Sjukeheim.

Guidelines for the fisherman’s handling and submission of fish:

Landed fish should be bled as soon as possible.

Do not leave the fish on the ground.

As far as possible, direct contact with soil is avoided.

The fish is placed in clean containers that are suitable for contact with food, and the fish is transported and delivered immediately to the receiving station.

The river owners association must always be notified by telephone at one of the above mobile numbers before the fish is delivered.

Receiving station for handling in fish from Toåa is at Todalshytta, by Arve Evensen, mobile 92997550.

If immediate transport to the receiving station is not possible, the fish must be brought for temporary cooling/freezing.

Requirements for cold storage are a maximum of 4 C. Freeze storage must take place at -18 C, or colder.

Current regulations are: Regulations on food hygiene §1, EU Regulation 852/2004, Annexes 1 and 2. (Here are the general rules on good hygiene). Regulations on frozen foods Regulations on materials and objects in contact with food (Food Contact Regulations). Regulations on the quality of fish and fish products (Fish Quality Regulations). Regulations on general principles and requirements in the food regulations, see art. 18 of EU Regulations 178/2002, in which sets requirements for tracking in all stages with the exception of the end consumer. Regulations on special hygiene for food of animal origin, see chapter 2 and 5, 6 and 7.


Guidelines for shell sampling

Toåa unfortunately has problems crossing genes from escaped farmed salmon. It is vert important that this situation is monitored, and fishermen are therefore obliged to take a shell sample of all killed salmon. Instructions for how to take the sample envelope. Sample envelopes are picked up and delivered to the disinfected stations.


Read more about shellfish samples from salmon on NINA’s info page on the topic.




For questions regarding the fishing rules and guidelines:

Fisheries supervision: Asbjørn Karlsen, Mobile 95703023

Elveguiden.no: Helge Dahlen, mobile 45605597

Todalen Elveeigarlag (TEL): Asbjørn Karlsen, Mobile 95703023