Zone 4

Zone 4 is about 18 km long and offers excellent fishing opportunities in great nature. The River has a great variety in design and switches between still-flowing parties, raids, waterfalls and deep kicks.

Through the project Environmental Design by Agder Energi, the former least water drainage line between Laudal and Manflåvannet is returned to the natural state and the cliffs have been removed. Revision of the licensing conditions for Laudal power plants has resulted in a much higher water flow in summer and winter, which means that salmon and sea lures have significantly improved migration opportunities further up in zone 4. For the season 2017, 6 new fishing zones will be opened on the previous minimum water drainage line You have your own fishing license. These zones are found on the right menu.

Fra gapahuken i Kavfossen
Fra gapahuken i Kavfossen

With revised water treatment and implemented measures, the possibility of catching Salmon in zone 4 is now available from the end of June (depending on water flow), but usually from mid July and beyond the season the catching possibilities are best. In proper water and weather conditions, sometimes you might have a very good fishing in the zone. Kavfossen and the lower part of Kosåna are the upper parts of the salmon-bearing stretch in Mandalselva. In the lower part of Kosåna there are many good heels and fishing spots.

In addition to salmon fishing, fishing for brown trout is good, and one is almost guaranteed catch. Much of the fish is relatively small, but of usable quality. There are nevertheless possibilities for raising half to one kilo. In the summer of 2001, Norway's record was set with a Brook trout of 2,268 kg in zone 4!

It should also be mentioned that there are several limed lakes in sidewalks in the area that contain relatively large brown trout. Kosånavassdraget is worth a visit! Detailed information on fishing licenses for these waters can be obtained from: At Joker Bjelland, Sport 1 Evje, and Grønberg sport.

I sone 4 finner en mange urørte plasser
I sone 4 finner en mange urørte plasser

Fishing Rules

Youth underneath the age of 18 fishes for free in zone 4 - Dam Manflå - Kavfossen/Kosåna. A licence must be obtained and the catch reported.

Getting there information
By car and by foot. On the east side of the river you may want to walk a bit, but in return you often get the fishingplace for yourself.