Zone 1 - Nedre Mandalselva Fiskerier

Zone 1 streches from the sea and 5 kilometers upwards on the River Mandal. The river is flowing quite still here, but there are good opportunities for fishing for salmon and sea trout. The sea trout population in the river is good and night fishing with fly can provide good catches.

From 2023 zone 1 is divided in to 3 beats for shore fishing, and the hole zone can be fished from boat. see the zones below. Harling for salmon and sea trout is an exciting fishing method used by many locals. Some of these have caught dozens of salmon and sea trout annualy by using this method. There is a special boat licence for 2 rods, licenses from shore are for 1 rod. 

Campsites in the area are Sandnes Camping and Sjøsanden Feriesenter. At Sandnes Camping you can rent boats and buy fishing licenses.

Since 2004 it has been an cultural/historical dragnet fishery on this part of the river, with dispensation for catching 300 kg of salmon annually. This fishery is very popular among spectators. It is usually performed once a week at Sandnes fiskeri. Contact Kristian Sandnes at Sandnes Camping (tel: 48252138) for more information. Feel free to look at this exciting cultural-historical fishing!

Day 150,-

Week 400,-

Season 800,-

Day boat fishing 200,- (two rods)

Week boat fishing 400,- (two rods)

Season boat fishing 1000,- (two rods)



Zone Østerland og Malmø laksefiskeri

Kart over vald Østerland fiskeri
Kart vald Østerland og Malmø fiskeri
Østerland fiskeri med den karakteristiske laksestigen ytterst.


Zone Piren m.fl.

Mandalselva kart Piren m.fl.
Indre del av Piren. Her må en løse fiskekort om man ønsker fiske.
Indre del av Piren. Her må en løse fiskekort om man ønsker fiske.


Zone Sandnes fiskeri 

Kart vald Sandnes fiskeri
Mandalselva Sandnes camping
Fishing Rules

Youth underneath the age of 18 fishes for free. A licence must be obtained and the catch reported.

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