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«Licences and beats»

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Catch statistics in Mandalselva in 2019
Average salmon weight (kg)
Total number of catch
Salmon 7kg and above
Salmon under 3kg

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Zone for fly fishing
Remember and update you on the fly zones in Aa from 1.8.2020.
map is attached.
At the grassy slope, the fly zone from the old gapahuken on the lower side of the stream applies


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Fra andre medier

29. October 2020

Stolthet og fordom

29. September 2020

Oppdaterte rømmingstall

29. September 2020

Sjøaureprosjektet i Strand

27. September 2020

Krise for laksen i Jølstra

20. September 2020

Åpnet den nye fisketrappa