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Catch statistics in Mandalselva in 2021
Average salmon weight (kg)
Total number of catch
Salmon 7kg and above
Salmon under 3kg

News from Norwegian Salmon Rivers

At the time of writing, the snowmelt has started well and Lakselva is rising steadily towards what is beginning to look like a spring flood. First and foremost, we look forward to the start of the season and hope, as usual, that this year's fishing season will offer fantastic catches and magical experiences in Lakselva. Before we release this year's fishing season completely, we want to share some important information with our fishermen.


Berlevåg Jeger- og fiskerforening is the manager of Kongsfjordelva(river) on behalf of Finnmarkseiendommen (FeFo). Kongsfjordelva(river) is a national salmon river appointed by Norwegian government. It is very important for the future salmon stock it is managed in a sustainable way. The rule for this river is adjusted based on the conditions in the river and the state if the salmon stock. It is crucial the rules are followed by fishermen.


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