Zone 2

Zone 2 is 14 km long. From the border with Zone 1 to the south, it is only about 6.3 km with still flowing river. But from Moll bridge and up to boundary to Zone 3, the river alternates between waterfalls, rapids and still-flowing parties. Usually there are salmon in Zone 2 already from the season start.

The fish supply in zone 2 consists of many sub-zones. These are all named with place names related to their location. With the exception of the zone Nødingfossen (3 rods), all zones have personal cards. In several of the zones there is limited short selling (2 - 4 cards per day), while four zones have unlimited card sales. Prices range from NOK 100, - to NOK 400, - per day. Some more exclusive offers can be found in Nødingfossen and Haugefossen.

For those who want to have an area for themselves, with a little disturbance of other fishermen, the sub zones in zone 2 are recommended. In addition, there are some of the best places in the river here. It is recommended to take a walk along the river to investigate the zone before purchase. Then you know better what kind of elftrack you buy cards for.

Zone Separates

It is emphasized that the signs along the river bank indicate start and stop on the individual sub-zone. The information leaflets about fishing in Mandalselva (available free of charge at the outlets) have quite a good map showing the location of all the zones. However, the map sketch in the info file is on a large scale and therefore not always accurate enough in the descriptions. Where there are apparently deviations, it is the physical marking along the river that applies.


In Zone 2 (from Leirkjær to Øyslebø border) there are 4 overseers who alternate every week. Contact person for supervision is Arild Bjørkenes. He can be contacted on request by phone: +47 97 65 25 44.

Fishing Rules

Youth underneath the age of 18 fishes for free at zones Nedre Holum, Øvre Holum and Møll. A licence must be obtained and the catch reported.

Getting there information
By car and by foot