Zone 3

Zone 3 is a total of 13 km and offers attractive fishing for all salmon and sea anglers. The area is a gem seen from an angler's eyes. This zone has been very positively mentioned in a number of Norwegian and foreign fishing magazines in recent years.

Fishermen that uses worm and lures will find attractive places in the deep pits.

The fly fisherman has access to large contiguous areas very suitable for fly fishing. More than 50% of the catch is taken on fly!

This zone is long and offers varied fishing opportunities. If you want to fish alone, you may find great places between the most popular places. Many have been surprised by a good fishing in the slightly silent areas of the zone. For a better overview of the quality the zone offers, it is recommended to study the map on the web pages.

Marnar Salmon Center (at Laudal) was opened in 2006. Here you can buy fish cards, make disinfection, have a cup of coffee, connect to the internet and meet like-minded people.

Zone 3 also has its own website



Fiskere ved Maddan
Fiskere ved Maddan

Fishing Rules

Youth underneath the age of 18 fishes for free. A licence must be obtained and the catch reported.

Getting there information
By car and by foot