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Fisker kjøre fisk på gressbakken i Aagaardselva

Rules and regulations for fishing in the rivers Glomma and Aagaardselva

onsdag 14.april 2021 / 14:29



To fish in Glomma and the Aagaard River on NGOFA's leased routes, a fishing license must be issued. For the purchase of fishing licenses for Glomma and Aagaardselva, fishermen must have read and understood fishing rules before fishing begins, and as acceptance of fishing rules and fees sign on the fishing license

A valid receipt must be brought when you are fishing. The guard can ask those who fish to show their documents/receipts for the area they fish in. All capture must be documented. He can also alarm the right authorities about possible breach of rules. Those who fish must behave according to the rules and regulations, and is obliged to adapt to requests from the fisheries supervision. If you break the rules you risk to be expelled from the rivers NGOFA controls.

Any use of a gaff is prohibited because salmon (female) is protected.  If you are met with a gaff you can be expelled from the rivers. If the incident is repeated you will loose your license.Rules of protection or change of rules can occur immediately in the season, if the situation in the rivers demands it.

Sea trout are protected in both rivers throughout the season



Aagaardselva: 01.06 – 31.08                                                                                                                                                                         

Glomma        : 15.06- 31.08

If the amount of farmed salmon is changed NGOFA will open the river for fishing farmed salmon exclusively after 31 august. Changes will be stated on this web-site.


Quotas for both rivers

Quota for killed salmon is maximum of 1 per day. The daily quata is defined as the total number of salmon a fisher can kill in one day. The fishing day follows the day indication on the fishing card, for 1-day and 3-days card. Season tickets are valid 24 hours a day fraom 00:00 to 24:00. When the daily quota is reached, all fishing must cease immediately until new fishing day begins.


Quotas in Glomma

Salmon with adipose fin are protected the whole season (local rule) The season quota is two killed salmon without adipose fin.  One up to 70 cm, and one male can be up to 80 cm, for the season. When you have reached your quota, you have to stop until a new season starts. You can not transfer you quota to someone else.  Released fish is not counted in your quota.

Farmed fish should be killed and shown on the salmon stock on a picture. All killed salmon must be confirmed with a picture and all relevant information given to the salmon stock.


Quotas in Aagaardselva

Wild female salmon over 70 cm is protected all season. Quota for the season is 2 killed salmon. When the quota is reached you have to stop for this season .Your quota can not be transfer to someone else.

Released fish is not counted in your quota. Farmed fish should be killed and shown on the salmon stock on a picture. All killed salmon must be confirmed with a picture and all relevant information given to the salmon exchange.

Duty to report

You have to report the amount days you have fished. This is from the authorities and concerns everybody who has bought a card. If you fail to report number of the days, you will be charged an extra fee on 500 NOK the next time you buy a card.

For reporting of fishing days read the article on reporting under current.
Reporting must be received by NGOFA no later than 14 days after the end of the season


Enrolment of catch

All catch of salmon and sea trout must be reported with name ,length, (weight only applies to killed salmon), sex, released or killed,  with or without adipose fin. All Killed salmon must be documented with a picture.

The picture should be taken in away that makes easy to see which sex. The picture should be taken from the side so you can see the whole head with hook and forehead. Photo should not be taken of salmon and trout, with the gills above the water.

Scale sample must be taken of all killed salmon and sea trout. Shell sample bags are placed in gap huts along the river, or can be obtained from fisheries inspectors. Completed shell shells envelopes with shells are placed in mailboxes placed in gap huts along the river, or delivered to the fishing inspector / fishing license seller

The image can also be sent in by released salmon and sea trout as long as it does not affect the survival of the salmon. Enrolment of catch must be done continuously after catch.



Multiliner / braided liner is prohibited.(ex Fireline)

The gear should be adapted to fish salmon .A powerful rod with a good back, a reel with good capacity and a powerful brake. The line must at least be 0.40 mm (nylon) From July 15th and out of season it can also be used down to 30 mm nylons. You can only catch salmon and sea trout with a rod.

When fly fishing with a fly rod, the rod shall not be lower than class 8. from the start of the season and up to and including 15/7. And at the end of the season, a rod that is at least class 7 can be used. This is due to the re-release order for female salmon over 70 cm.

 It is only permitted to fish with lures, spinners, wobblers, worms and flies. Using sinkers/lead is only allowed when fishing with worms. Only one rod per person is allowed. It is allowed to use one bait per rod whit max 1 triple hook, or 1 singel hook The distance between the hook stem and the hook tip should not be greater than 13 mm for triple hook, for single hook no greater than 15 mm. It is forbidden to use the fishing gear in such way that the fish will probably be wrong hookt. The rod should not be left during fishing and take place actively.

Downstream mobile fishing must be practiced where possible, one step a throw, new throw, etc.Newly arrived fisher starts behind, not in front of those who are already in position.  Never start in front of another fisher unless you have made an agreement.

Where stationary fishing must be practiced, change place after 20 minutes / 30 minutes in Lillehøla Glomma if there are more people in line.

All use of electronical devices to find fish is prohibited.


Fishing for children.

All children under 16 can fish on their parents card and use their gear under control of their parents.

This is training. The adult can not fish at the same time because the card is just meant for one person. If a child is going to fish alone he/she must get their own valid card.


Fishing from boat.

To fish salmon and seatrout from boat is only allowed in Glomma (from the waterfall to the Sandesund bridge, and in the area around Vamma. You can anchor but you have to give room to those who fish from land. The rule about one rod a person is also for people who fish from a boat .To fish from a boat is prohibited in Aagaardselva.

NB! Fishing from a boat and the use of a gaff during fishing will not be allowed when there is a protection in the river.  As wild salmon is protected, boat fishing and the use of gaff will therefore be prohibited in Glomma all season.


Measures an release duty

Salmon and sea trout that are protected must be gently released back into the water.

The same goes for salmon and sea trout that are caught outside fishing times, protected fish, fish caught on illegal gear and fish that are mistaken. By hooked fish is meant fish that is hooked behind the gill lids.

Fish that cannot be discharged due to damage or bleeding from the gills must be killed and delivered to the fisheries department, tel. +45 99 25 40 60/91 18 44 98. NGOFA recommends fishermen to put out all spawning colored female fish.


Zone for fly  fishing

In the river Aagaard, in August you have designated areas for flies fishing .These areas are marked with a sign. Just fly fishing where the line is the weight of the throw.


Zones for light fishing

Light fishing occurs in the stream (gutter) below Gressbakken in Aagaardselva at 25 cubic meters down and is lifted over 25 cubic meters.

Fishermen must control it themselves when there are 25 cubic and down or 25 cubic meters and up on Glb's webpage (https://glb.no/vannstander/?vassdrag=Ågårdselva) for water flow in the Aagaardselva. Light fishing is fishing with a fly rod where the line is the weight and the line must float Using a worm without a sinker is also light fishing. It is not allowed to throw upstream into the zone for light fishing with lures or the like, even if fisherman are on the outside of the zone.

NGOFA has tre boats .They are placed on the east bank by Nedre/øvre Holme. The boats can be used to get out to the small islands. A boat is a priority for crossing to the opposite side of the Wire.   If the boats are used, just shout, then you will be pick you up. Does not apply to crossing on the opposite side of the wire



Violations of rules are punishable, and may result in a police report, cf. the Act on Salmon Fish and Inland Fish. Alternatively, breaches of the rules and participation in violations will be enforced in private law by the daily board of NGOFA, cf. Fishermen's acceptance of the fishing rules when buying a fishing license.

 In the case of private law enforcement, violations of the fishing rules will result in a violation fee, of up to NOK 3,000, and up to 3 years of exclusion depending on the severity of the violation. This means that persons who are taken for breach of the law / participation in this, or unacceptable behavior can be expelled for up to three years from Glomma and Aagaardselva, and be charged a fee of up to NOK 3000.

Fee for failure to report / caught protected fish, or violation of rules in connection with gear use or catch and release, is up to 3000 kroner and up to 3 years of exclusion. . In cases of aggravation, the exclusion is extended.

Foreclosed fishermen are themselves responsible for refraining from fishing. If this is not complied, the exclusion will be extended and a new fee charged.
The fishing cannot be resumed in Glomma and Aagaardselva, before the fee is paid and possibly the exclusion period are finished. By further breach of rules and regulations you will be reported to the police.

The following reactions appy to violations of NGOFA's fishing rules (applies per incident per fisherman):

  • Fishing without a fishing licence: NOK 3,000 and a 3-year ban in the event of a breach of private law.
  • Quota violation/protection regulations: NOK 3,000 plus ban for the rest of the season + next season.
  • Equipment violation: NOK 1,000 / ban for the rest of the season.
  • Incorrect Catch and release according to the above guidelines: Ban for the rest of the season
  • Failure to submit shell samples for dead fish: NOK 1,000.
  • Failure to report the catch/Caught protected fish: NOK 1,000 / ban for the rest of the season + next season.
  • Other violations of these fishing rules: NOK 3,000.