Fishing and regulations - English

Tirsdag 16.januar 2018 / 11:02

Welcome to Kongsfjordelva

Salmon stocks have developed favorably in recent years. This has enjoyed many fishermen and more and more want to fish the river at «the end of the world». 

To ensure a solid salmon stock, well-regulated sport fishing is adapted to the Kongsfjord river. Here are, among other things, quotas, limited number of fishing licenses, fishing gear regulations, conservation zones and protection of larger salmon. These regulations are crucial for the salmon stock in Kongsfjordelva. In addition, BJFF are monitoring the salmon from it enters the river to the spawning in the autumn. 

The vast majority of fishermen visiting Kongsfjordelva are leaving with good memories. Both young and old, local and tourists. Sports fishing in Kongsfjordelva has been going on for over 100 years, and fishing has changed over time. 

Today it is common with Catch and release (C&R), where fishermen often choose to release bigger salmon. They are important for the population's further development and growth. Fish to be released must be handled carefully. 

Have a nice stay and good luck!