Utvidet fredningssone i Lakselva

Midseason evaluation and extended protected area bellow salmon trap

The 26th of July, Lakselv landowners' association carried out a mid-season evaluation together with representatives from FeFo, the County Governor and the Norwegian Environment Agency. The float trap and its effectiveness was also subject for the evaluation.  The County Governor has taken a decision on the temporary extension of the protected zone downstream of the floating trap.

Martin Rognli Johansen
Friday 28.July 2023 / 16:00

Drive count and catches per 25th of July shows that there are low densities of salmon upstream of the float trap and high densities of salmon downstream of the trap. There are several indications that both the floating ice trap and concentrations of pink salmon limit the salmon's migration to the upper parts of the river. On the basis of the mid-season evaluation and observations from the drift count, the County Governor has decided on a temporary extension of the conservation zone downstream of the floating trap up to The E6 bridge. The decision enters into force e.g. 27.07 and will be valid until 03.08. LGF and FeFo will jointly evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis.

The County Governor`s assessment:

A temporary conservation zone will be able to give native fish peace to pass the fish trap and distribute themselves better in the watercourse. The time period for the conservation can be reduced or extended by the State Administrator in Troms and Finnmark if it is deemed appropriate. That assessment can be made after dialogue with FeFo and Lakselv landowners' association, which after carrying out drift counts can update the State Administrator in Troms and Finnmark on the status.

LGF has been informed that the functionality of the trap has been continuously improved since installation and that it is becoming more efficient in the form that an increasing number of salmon passing per day. We therefore hope that the situation with the accumulation of salmon downstream of the trap will improve quickly so that the decision can be lifted as soon as possible.

LGF clarifies that although we have not been involved in operating the trap, we understand that operating the trap is in many ways pioneering work and that the learning curve is steep. We recognize the work and thank those involved (especially the handlers) for their formidable efforts so far.

At the present time, it has not been decided to make changes regarding bag limits, but this too will be carefully followed up and evaluated according to the further development of the salmon season.