Jarand Pedersen. 128 centimeter. 22,5 kilo.

Sale of fishing licences starts the 1th of march

The sale of fishing licences for the 2022 season starts on Elveguiden.no the 1.th of March, at 18:00 hours Norwegian time. We recommend that you book your fishing as early as possible to secure your desired dates. Read on for important information.

Friday 18.February 2022 / 11:06

Note that the situation for the wild salmon in Finnmark is difficult for the time being, and that the board of Lakselva has impelled precautionary principles to avoid overharvesting. Each fisherman can only take home one salmon before the mid-season evaluation (25th of July). All other salmons must be released.

NB! Worming for salmon. The use of worms as bait is currently under discussion in the river board. The decision to allow or deny worming, starting with the season 2022, will be taken at the general assembly in April. Fishermen must be aware that it might not be legal to fish with worm and consider this when they by a licence.