Licenses - schedule

Friday 08.February 2019 / 15:34

The software development for the new system for licenses is going according to schedule. This means we will be able to open the application process next week. With a small reservation, we will open for applicants on the 13th of February 09:00 a.m..

Inatur have developed an instructional video explaining the different steps in the application process, and we will publish it the same date. Most questions will be answered in that video, but if there are still things that might be unclear, we will do our best to explain them. The period for application will last until the 21st of February, and all application delivered by that date will be equal in the lottery. 


  • 13th of February: Opening of the application process
  • 21st of February: Deadline (all applications must be in by 11:59 p.m. GMT+1)
  • 22nd of February: Draw in the lottery
  • 28th of February: Payment deadline first draw
  • 1st of March: Draw 2
  • 6th of March: Payment deadline second draw​
  • 7th of March: Opening of the sale of licences before the 15th of July, and any remaining licenses after the lottery.

Have a good weekend!