Meld deg på Norske Lakseelvers nyhetsbrev

Since we're recieving quite a few questions regarding the licenses for 2019, here comes another update.

We've been in touch with Inatur no later than today, and the promise is still that the application process will be ready no later than the 15th of February (possibly earlier). From this given date, you will be given the possibility to register your full name and contact information, and apply for six-day periods. You will be given the option of a single zone for six days, or six days, equally divided between zones 1, 2 and 3. You may apply for as many periods as you want, and you are in charge of ranking your applications. The draw will be easily handled by the system, and when your application is drawn, you will be given your highest ranked, available wish. You will then be given a set amount of days to pay for the licenses. If it is not paid for, the licenses will be let back into the system, and there will be a "re-draw" where those who didn't get licenses in the first draw are given a second option. You will only be given a maximum of one period.

Planning to fish here, this summer? Then you could either apply for six days in zone 3, or a six day period, equally split between zones 1, 2 and 3. - Foto: Egil Liberg

Deadlines and the further schedule will be published here on our homepage once it's ready. In the period before the 15th of July, licenses will be sold as usual - "first come, first serve". We're aiming to open this on the 1st of March, and if it changes, it will be announced here on our homepage.

Closing in on the 15th of February, there will be posted a manual, showing how the entire process is carried out, and this will hopefully answer all of your questions about this new system.