Fishing license 2020

Martin Rognli Johansen
Tuesday 25.February 2020 / 15:32

License sale opens 1st of March at 6pm CET

After having tried out the application/lottery-system in 2019, we return to the old "first come, first served" -model in 2020. 

New for 2020 is that all licenses is sold through Elveguiden (English version will be up and running shortly)

Practical information

  • To be able to purchase a fishing license in lakselva 2020, you first need to register a user account at www.elveguiden.no
  • The procedure for purchasing a license: choose zone, then choose preferred dates and then reserve the licenses.

NB! the licenses are not reserved and yours until you click the reserve button (if you spend a lot of time choosing different zones and dates, you are running the risk of licenses being sold before you have the chance of reserving them)   

  • As we introduce a new platform for sale of fishing licences, we recommend that you spend some time and learn how to navigate at Elveguidens site before the sale open.
  • Due to the limitation regarding number of licenses available, we know from experience that the licenses in the most popular periods will sell out quickly. It might therefore be wise to choose a few fishing licenses first, complete the purchase and then continue shopping based on what`s still available.

Watch the instructional video about how to create an user account and how to purchase fishing licenses at www.elveguiden.no by clicking here.

The link from our homesite to the sales site (english version included) and other relevant information will be updated consecutively. 

License sale opens 1st of March at 6pm CET

Good luck!!!