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Information about this year's fishing season in Lakselva

In anticipation of the salmon season starting on 15 June, at 00.00 in Lakselva, we are posting a small status update and some information so that everyone has the opportunity to obtain a fishing license and is ready for fishing by then.

Martin Rognli Johansen
Monday 31.May 2021 / 15:43

Normally, June 1st marks the start of the fishing season in Lakselva. This will not be the case this year. As a part of a national revision of regulations for fishing for anadromous salmonids in the sea and river, the Norwegian Environment Agency has decided to postpone fishing season for salmon in the Lakselva to 15th June -15th September. As a local manager, however, Lakselv landowners' association has the right to limit fishing within the regulations set by the Norwegian Environment Agency. Due to the fact that regulations for fishing is still being processed by LLA, the fishing season for salmon is set to 15th June -31st August pending a final decision. Fishing season for trout and arctic char remains unchanged. Fishing licenses (day tickets) for September will not be put up for sale until the case of fishing time has been finally decided.

In the same revision, it was also decided to ban fishing with hook nets in Finnmark and all net fisheries for salmon along the outer coastal areas of Norway. The decision to ban hook nets in Finnmark as the last county in Norway where this is still permitted, was originally made by the Norwegian parlament in 2007. Subsequently, the parlament has reversed the Norwegian Environment Agency's decision to stop of hook net fisheries. It will be allowed to continue throughout 2021 in first hand. It is therefore not expected that there will be any noticeable changes in the net fisheries in the Porsangerfjord in 2021. 

The snowmelt has started and the water flow in Lakselva began to rise in mid-May. A cold weather period has since caused the melting to stagnate somewhat. Water flow as of 31.05 is 35 m3 / s. However, rising temperatures have been forecasted and this will probably start the snowmelt in earnest. We hope and believe that this year's spring flood will not come close to the 2020 level. At the same time, a suitably amount of water could help to clean the riverbed and flush out deposits and driftwood in the areas that are still affected by the 200-year flood from last year.

Pink salmon is expected to enter Norwegian rivers this summer. Catch statistics from 2017 and 2019 form the basis for believing that this year's numbers could be even higher than earlier years. Lakselv landowners' association will monitor the situation and implement necessary measures if needed. All pink salmon that is caught must be killed and registered in the catch statistics. In order for us to have a good overview of the situation, it is important that registering catches is done consecutively. Fishermen are asked to contact us if observing larger accumulations of pink salmon in the river.

Fishing licenses (day tickets) in Lakselva can be purchased at

Due to the fact that the capacity at our office has been- and is expected to be reduced for a period to come, it is requested that inquiries be made via e-mail: Anglers who do not use our digital solutions are asked to contact us to schedule an appointment for purchasing fishing licenses.

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