Foto: Norman Kotzurek

The deadline is approaching

Monday 18.February 2019 / 13:15

The deadline for applying for licenses is fast approaching, and any applications must be sent by this coming Thursday, 21st of February. The draw will take place on Friday, and we're expecting a lot of excited fishermen checking their e-mail quite regularly on Friday. We note that the first five periods are the most sought after, and repeat the encouragement to apply for as many periods as possible.

Water-proof system?

We see that someone has tried to apply several times for the same time period, by changing their contact information. This is a breach of the regulations for this system, and before we proceed with the draw on Friday, we will have a thorough look at all the applications, removing any overlap in this matter. This way, no fisherman will have more than one application per period. Alternatively, you can do this yourself, and delete any overlap - and that way make sure you're left with the one application you want the most. 

You will find more information about the new system by clicking here.

PS! If your group is drawn and are offered licenses, an e-mail will be sent to the group leader who must pay for all licenses.

PPS! Persons younger than 18 years old will be given the possibility to buy licenses not limited to zones. The previous age-limit for these licenses was 16 years old.