Norwegian Food Safety Authority imposing rules to disinfect all fishing equipment

A new disease affection wild salmon in certain rivers further south has now been detected. The rules for disinfecting the equipment will therefore be tightened.

Thursday 13.June 2019 / 15:40

The disease first being discovered in the Enningdals River (see photo by Bjarne Granli), has now likely also been discovered in other rivers further south. The disease has yet to be identified, and as a precautinary approach, we will tighten the rules for disinfecting the fishing equipment for this coming season.

Visiting anglers MUST disinfect the fishing equipment and all other equipment being used during fishing (e.g. waders, wading booth, nets), before the fishing in Lakselva commences. In this coming season, this will also apply for fishermen only fishing in Finnmark. If you happen to fish another river during the season, you will have to disinfect again, before fishing Lakselva. 

Our approved stations for disinfecting is Cirkle K Lakselv and Skoganvarre Villmark.

If you catch or observe sick or dead fish, we ask that you report this immideately to The Norwegian Food Safety Authority or us at Lakselv Landowners Assocation. 

We ask for your understanding in this extraordinary situation, and kindly ask you to be aware of your own responsibility and abide by these new guidelines and routines.