Extraordinary limitations

Monday 05.August 2019 / 21:08

Extraordinary limitations
The board in Lakselv land owners association held another board meeting today, discussing the current situation then the river. Based on the drift count conducted today, and other general observations of the river, the board decided that all salmon larger than 80 centimeters are protected as of the 6th of August at 6 p.m. This is done in order to reach the spawning target of 3424 kilos of henfish. 

If a salmon larger than 80 centimeters are caught and considered too damaged to be released, the board refers to the fishing regulations § 8 which states that these fish must be reported to the supervision - and the board adds that in this case they need to be handed in to the supervision. This must be done in order to not be given the fee and the expulsion from the river, as stated in the fishing regulations § 9. 

Pink salmon
The board was also informed about the observations of pink salmon in the river, and in an effort to increase the fishermen's awareness around this, the board decided to give a bounty of NOK 150,- for each pink salmon caught in Lakselva - and handed in to Lakselv land owners association. This applies from now on.