Season opening

Friday 22.June 2018 / 10:30

Three weeks into the season, and the big numbers are still lacking here in Lakselva. However, this is nothing out of the ordinary here in Lakselva. Midsummer is regarded as "the golden date" here in Lakselva, and as we all now, we're fast approaching that date.

There has been a few catches though, and we've been lucky enough to borrow a couple of pictures of the salmon being caught. This great, and sea-liced salmon was landed by Jan Okusluk on the 18th of June (Photo: Jan Okusluk)

The water level in Lakselva is pretty much perfect at the moment, and when the first major run of salmon is coming, I suspect great fishing in days ahead. Unfortunately it's both foggy and rainy at the moment, so a picture update from the river will have to wait until next week. The possibility for a close encounter with a salmon is definitely present, though!

Another guy lucky enough to catch a salmon, was Jan Ole Benjaminsen, who got this great specimen of 10,3 kilos on the 20th of June (Photo: Jan Ole Benjaminsen).

If the weather forecast is anything to go by, the wind will turn by the beginning of next week, and many claim that will make it easier for the salmon to find the river, and make it more prone to biting. It remains to see if that hypothesis is correct, or if it's simply coincidental. Luckily, there's still plenty of mystery surrounding the salmon, making it all so exciting!

Tight lines!