Camp Villaks - a success

Friday 27.July 2018 / 15:51

On the 24. - 26. July we arranged Camp Villaks ("villaks" means "wild salmon") here in Lakselva. A total fof thirteen youths took part of the camp, eleven guys, and two girls. We are very pleased with such a high number of participants, and it's especially nice to see the big geopgraphical spread of "campers" joining us.

Here we have the entire crew gathered before fishing on the second day. By the end of this day, fish was landed.
Bendik caught the only salmon of the camp, and here you'll see him landing it. Video: Video: Tom Rune Storhaug Lindbäck

Bendik proudly posing with his fish. Despite his young age, Bendik is a rather experienced salmon fisherman, and chose to go for a small fly. As we all see, that paid of! Photo: Tom Rune Storhaug Lindbäck

Konsta came all the way from Mikkeli in Finland. Here we see him casting a small lure up in zone 3. We did see some salmon jumping up here, but unfortunately no one wanted to bite.

Having some experience with the one-handed rod, it didn't take Tobias long before he started to get a hold of the Spey-cast with the two-hander. A cast wich only improved during the camp.

This year's camp consisted of a very nice group of youths who it was very nice to get to know, and we thank you all for coming to our camp. A big thank you also to the volunteers who came to help us during the camp. A thank you also to Intersport Lakselv, Midnattsrocken, Apotek1 Lakselv, Porsanger Vertshus and Lakselv bakeri for their contributions to the camp.

Jim Rune and Egil