Laksefisker i Numedalslågen
Numedalslågen er det største laksevassdraget i Sør-Norge og byr på gode fiskeopplevelser for både tilreisende og lokalbefolkningen. Foto: Tom Tveitan.

Sports angling in Brufoss

Brufossfisket organizes landowners on both banks of the upper 12 km of the salmon-bearing section of Numedalslågen. We possess longtime tradition in offering conveniently arranged and reasonably priced sports angling for the public. Our goal is to make it possible for others as well as the fishermen to experience nature and animal life along the river banks.

Stian Bergstå
fredag 12.mai 2023 / 11:25

The Brufoss area includes some of the best fly fishing stretches on the river Lågen. On certain stretches and for special water levels it might be advisable to use wading equipment. We have one specially arranged fishing site for handicapped persons at Lindsverklegga.

Rules for fishing in Brufoss – Practice non-stationary fishing

To give everyone an equal opportunity to fish in the best possible manner, the following guidelines should be followed: – Start fishing at the upper end of the fishing zones or where it is natural to start.

  • Always start above a fisherman already stationed in the river if this is possible. If there already is a fisherman at the position where you have chosen to fish, wait until he has fished downstream away before you go in the river above him.
  • For each new cast, move downstream at least 1 meter.
  • At stands where non-stationary fishing is impossible, the fisherman should vacate the stand after 1 hour maximum.
  • Use of boat Is only allowed in boat zone. – Show respect to nature, other fishermen, hikers and landowners.
  • Each fisherman is obliged to keep up with rules and regulations.

Catch reports and salmon diary

Fill in the catch report on the permit and deliver it at Laksehytta, or put it in the catch report box. All reports should be delivered immediately. In addition to a catch report we ask that you record your catch in our salmon diary on the notice board outside Laksehytta.

Regulations for half day zones

Only fly fishing equipment is allowed. On particular water levels, the rules may be changed. Morning permits must be picked up before 7 p.m. the previous day. Afternoon permits must be picked up before 12 a.m. the same day. Permits not collected or not confirmed within the time limit will be offered for sale. By buying all permits in half day zones there is free choice of fishing equipment.

General information

Salomon fishing in Numedalslågen is determined by the regulatory authority. Start, length and finish may vary. Every person above the age of 16 must have a national fishing license before buying fishing permits. A valid receipt must be brought along when fishing. Up to one child below 16 years of age may fish free of charge, when together with an adult who has bought a valid fishing permit. Discount is offered on all permits to anglers from the age of 16 to 19 throughout the season.

Disinfection, sick and dead fish

Help us prevent the spreading of fish diseases. Disinfection of the equipment is a simple and inexpensive insurance. All buyers of permits have to disinfect their equipment before fishing can start. Disinfection station you will find at Laksehytta. Give notice of all finds of dead fish, fish with abnormal appearance or abnormal behavior. It is important that we acquire information on outbreak of diseases as soon as possible, in order to carry out counter measures.

Contact information

Please conatact us at or by phone +47 40 19 36 09