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Berlevåg Jeger- og fiskerforening is the manager of Kongsfjordelva(river) on behalf of Finnmarkseiendommen (FeFo). Kongsfjordelva(river) is a national salmon river appointed by Norwegian government. It is very important for the future salmon stock it is managed in a sustainable way. The rule for this river is adjusted based on the conditions in the river and the state if the salmon stock. It is crucial the rules are followed by fishermen.


How to fish in our river

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Catch statistics in Kongsfjordelva in 2022
Average salmon weight (kg)
Total number of catch
Salmon 7kg and above
Salmon under 3kg

News from Norwegian Salmon Rivers

The 26th of July, Lakselv landowners' association carried out a mid-season evaluation together with representatives from FeFo, the County Governor and the Norwegian Environment Agency. The float trap and its effectiveness was also subject for the evaluation.  The County Governor has taken a decision on the temporary extension of the protected zone downstream of the floating trap.


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