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Fishing rules for Kongsfjordelva (river)

Berlevåg Jeger- og fiskerforening is the manager of Kongsfjordelva(river) on behalf of Finnmarkseiendommen (FeFo). Kongsfjordelva(river) is a national salmon river appointed by Norwegian government. It is very important for the future salmon stock it is managed in a sustainable way. The rule for this river is adjusted based on the conditions in the river and the state if the salmon stock. It is crucial the rules are followed by fishermen.

Hanne Sørvik
Wednesday 25.May 2022 / 10:52


To fish in the anadromous part of Kongsfjordelva(river) you must buy a valid license. Everyone from 18 years also must buy the national fishing fee (you can buy this at:  http://fiskeravgift.miljodirektoratet.no/) for the current season. The license is personal and other may not fish on your license. The river guard, or other authorities, might demand to see your valid license, disinfection certificate, national fishing fee and ID.

The rules are for this watercourse including side rivers and lakes, as far as there is anadromous fish. This is salmon, char, and sea trout. This watercourse is divided into three different zones, and you need a license for each of these zones.

Fishing time

The season is from 21 of June 6pm to 24 of August 12pm.

In the whole season it is a period between 1 am to 6 am when you are not allowed to fish, except in Buetjern (only in the lake)

Catch report.

Everyone buying a fishing license are obligated to deliver a catch report, even if you do not have any catch. To buy a new license your previous license with catch report must be delivered. If you have a season license you must deliver a catch report halfway through the season, but we prefer if you do it weekly. Everyone with a license is obligated to deliver catch report consecutively. We expect you to take scale sample of killed salmon. Scale sample envelopes and guidelines are given by the river guard. 


Protection zones

  • From” Porten” and 200 meters above “Fossvatnet” (lake).
  • The entire Geatnja/Gednje river (Some areas will be open for fishing after trout and char)
  • Fjordbunn – from the “fiske forbudt“ sign in the lower part of Daldorf to the boundy river/ocean
  • The side river Bryggarielva


Disinfection of fishing tackle

Everyone who travel to Kongsfjordelva must disinfect their fishing gear before the fishing starts. Fishermen living in Berlevåg also must disinfect their gear if it is used in other rivers. Including Storelva. Fishing nets, waders, and all other gear MUST be cleaned and disinfected before it is used in Kongsfjordelva.


You can do the disinfection at the guard cabin for 100NOK.
If you have approved voluntary work, it is free of charge.  

Quotes and other protection requirements 

Season quote

Citizens of Berlevåg – 8 salmon – maximum 3 above 68cm/3 kg
Citizens outside of Berlevåg – 6 salmon – maximum 3 above 68cm/ 3kg

Daily quota

1 salmon for each 24-hours license. When 1 salmon is landed (and killed) the you must stop fishing. The quota is valid for the entire watercourse. Released salmon to not count on your daily or season quota.


Protection of species and size

  • From 1st of august all salmon over 68cm/3kilos are to be released back into the river.  Then it is not allowed to use gaff or similar tools. Fish that dies during release are to be delivered to the river guard +4799375118. The salmon is then donated to a worthy charity. Char, salmon that have stayed over the winter and salmon under 35cm are protected and are to be released during the whole season.  
  • Farmed salmon and pink salmon are to be killed and immediately reported to the river guard. This do not count on your quota. Remember to take scale sample.
  • We encourage everyone to release females above 90 cm before 1st of August
  • Fishing for salmon is not allowed in the upper part of the watercourse – Buetjern (Zone 3) and the entire Gednjeelva to the dam. This is to protect the production of salmon in the upper part of the river. In Gednjeelva – there is no limit for how low the water flow can be, and the flow is often very low in July and August. The salmon in this region is therefor especially endangered. But, we allow fishing for trout and char in some parts of Gednjeelva because it has been an important way of recruiting young fishermen. The open parts will be marked.

Measures throughout the season

BJFF monitors the development of the salmon stock – catches and migration. We will evaluate if further measures are needed in order to reach the goal for the stock. Som measures that can be done in the season:

  1. Bad season (if it is possible we do not reach the goal for the stock):
    - further protection and regulations are needed to keep the stock from being overfished. New quota, protection of salmons above 68cm and other regulations.
    Fishing for trout and char in Buetjern will not be affected if the salmon fishing stops.
  2. Good season (if we it is possible we reach the goal for the stock):
    - increase daily and/or season quota


Tackle regulations for KONGSFJORDELVA







Fly fishing with floating line and no heavy fly.

1-2- Gednjeelva




Flyfishing with sinking line

1-2- Gednjeelva




Flyfishing with heavy fly





Spoon lure max 12 gram

1 og 2




Wormfishing with max 3 gram weight siker

1 og 2




Wormfishing without weight sinker

1-2 og Gednjeelva




Floating tip with worm – youth below 14 years

1-2 og Gednjeelva




Floating tip with fly – youth below 14 years

1-2 og Gednjeelva




* if the waterflow falls below 4m3/s this is not allowed

(BJFF will inform if theres any changes in tackle due to water flow)

** Allowed until 10th of July if the water flow is over 4m3/s.

***Children below 14 years can use floating tip with worm in the confluence from Buetjern in August.



- With worm means alive worm.

- With weight sinker it is the splitted one with max 3 grams in total.

- With no heavy fly it means normal flies with normal hooks without any heavy thread and tubes made out of plastic.

- With heavy flies it means tubes made out of metal or with coneheads or other heavy possibilities

- With sinking line it means line/tip/polyleader where parts of or the whole line is sinking or intermediate.  

- With spoon lure it means traditional salmon lures with a spoon shape. It is no allowed to use wobbles.

- In our river we have what we call “clean fishing”. If you use worm, it is not allowed to use fly as trigger.  

- worm hook (single) can only have a maximum opening of 15 mm between hook stem and hook tip.

- when flyfishing it is only allowed with two flies at the same time. And you can have maximum 3 hooks in total (1 single and 2 double). Maximum allowed hook size: single size 2 and double size 6, triple size 8.

- One rod for each fisherman, and your rod are not to be leaved during fishing.

- Own rules for Buetjern – look at separate notice

Any other tackle is forbidden!
NB! It is forbidden to fish in a way that can hook and harm the fish

Other stations for disinfections is located at:


In our river we want everyone who has a valid license to be respectful towards other fishermen, and the fishing is “moving”. It means that if a fisherman is the first to arrive at a pool, he/she has the right to begin fishing. It is normal to start at the beginning of a pool (or where it is natural to start) and fish downwards. If you arrive at a pool and there is already a lot of fisherman, you start above the fishermen presents. Wait until the fisherman is at a good distance before you start your fishing – so you do not prevent him/her from fishing. Fisherman at a pool can also make a deal about how they would like to rotate.


NB! Some pools are very popular and almost always has fisherman present. Then it is very important that everyone gets the possibility to fish in this pool. occupying a pool should not happen. It is polite to rotate and move at these pools. This creates a good atmosphere and fishing culture at the river. this is important especially in popular pools like Porten, Steinholla, Sandmelen, Hengebroa, Svaberget and Daldorffkulpen. Be kind and respectful to each other!


Nature and some rules

- Everyone must keep it nice and clean when they are in the river, garbage must be removed when you leave the site. The campfires are NOT a good place to throw your garbage.

- It is considered negligent to gut the fish by the river, because of risk of infection and a overall welfare and order. Do not leave the fish intestines by the river side. Take it with you or dig it deep – far away from campfire and fishing pools.

- it is not allowed to take healthy trees to make a fire. Bring your own logs or use trees that has fallen because of natural causes. Use the campfire places we already made.

- if you are sleeping in a tent, this should happen at a good distance from the river and popular fishing pools. Do not occupy a good camp site over a longer period of time.

- Call the river guard- +47 99375118 if you observe littering along the river side

Penal provision.

If you break either the local or national rules you can get a penalty (Norwegian law). When you buy a license, you are obligated to know, understand and accept the current fishing rules for the river. if you break these, depending on the severity, you get a penalty. This ranges from a warning, a fine (2000-10000NOK), confiscation of license and/or catch, exclusion (1-5 seasons) and/or getting a police report. If you do not deliver you catch report you get a fine of 300NOK which has to be paid before you can buy a new license.