Meld deg på Norske Lakseelvers nyhetsbrev


As always, upon starting a new season, I have to take a trip to the river to do some observations.For those of you who did not have that opportunity, here are som pictures from last night.

Lakselva 20190531_235711.jpg

Pikkulompola - Foto: Egil Liberg

Karhukostet - Bjørnekulpen - Foto: Egil Liberg

Patosuanto - Foto: Egil Liberg

Tiensuu - Foto: Egil Liberg

Pahanmukka - Foto: Egil Liberg

Bergkulpen - Foto: Egil Liberg

Uuenväylänsuanto - Foto: Egil Liberg

Uojoensuu - Foto: Egil Liberg

Pikkulompola - Foto: Egil Liberg

Väliniva - Flatsteinen - Foto: Egil Liberg

Øvrevannsbrekket - Foto: Egil Liberg

Gaggavann - Foto: Egil Liberg

After a period with lots of rain, the river increased a lot towards the season opening. It seems to have stabilized now, but as warmer weather is predicted into next week, it's expected that the snow melt will commence again. Therefore we cannot really say if the peak of the flood is reached or not. The water temperature was measured to be 4 degrees last night.

The positive side of these conditions, is that the first schools of big fish are given free passage up river, and are able to find their spots before the fishing commences for real.

For those of you who still haven't bought licenses for the summer, you will find out what is available by clicking here.

Tight lines, and stay safe!