Salmon! at Aaroy River
Fighting a big fish in the Aaroy River.

The winners of the Aaroy Lottery

The lottery was drawn on Thursday the 19th of August. Two lucky winners get to fish for big salmon in one of the most famous rivers in Norway next year. 

Mandag 23.september 2019 / 09:21

The draw was executed on September 19, as a live draw posted on our facebook stream

Congratulations and tight lines to the lucky winners!

  • Mark Purvis

  • Udo Virderwuelbke

We at Norske Lakseelver (Norwegian Salmon Rivers) would like to express our gratitude to everybody that participated by donating at least 1000 NOK to our work for the Atlantic Salmon. The total reached a stunning 101.000 NOK. 

Many thanks to every one of you who participated, and also a huge thanks to Knut and Nina at Aaroy who donated this exclusive price.