Meld deg på Norske Lakseelvers nyhetsbrev

Winners of the catch and release competition and scale sample competition.

The practice of catch and release has been one of the meassures used in the task of enhancing the salmon population in Lakselva (especially the largest growing- and the multiple spawning part of the population). Since its origin thirteen years ago, the catch and release competition has been aiming to stimulate towards an increased number of large salmon being released in Lakselva. We really appreciate the generosity at Heggøy Aktiv AS for donating the grand prize to the winners of both classes of the competition; one week at West Ranga Lodge, Iceland. Lakselv Landowners Association has contributed by donating two seasonal fishing licenses for the 2020-season in Lakselva.

Winners period before July 15.

Helge dahlen, Osmarka One week of salmon fishing at West Ranga Lodge

Tor Roar Hjellebråten, Aurdal Seasonal fishing license for Lakselva

Winners period after July 15.

Pietro Andreoni, Sweden One week of salmon fishing at West Ranga Lodge

Samuli Määttä, Finland Seasonal fishing license for Lakselva

Congratulations to all the winners and a humble thank you to everyone that delivered their contribution to the competition and to future generations in the river!! 



Samuli Määttä med sin vinnerfisk på 94 cm
Samuli Määttä med sin vinnerfisk på 94 cm
Helge Dahlen med sin vinnerfisk på 105 cm
Pietro Andreoni med sin vinnerfisk på 92 cm
Tor Roar Hjellebråten med sin vinnerfisk på 109 cm


A fly rod for a scale sample

As a bonus to those who have contributed to the management of Lakselva by delivering scale samples from their catch, we have picked (drawn) four lucky fishermen who each will be given å fly rod. Zpey-Olderøy Limited Edition - 10" #7, donated by Heggøy Aktiv AS.

The lucky fishermen:

Rolf Nilsen, Lakselv

Erik Follesø, Lakselv

Rolf Johansen, Lakselv

Thomas Nymo, Lakselv

Big thanks to everyone who has delivered scale samples from their catch!!


Enhåndsstenger Olderøy Limmited Edition 10 fot klasse 7