Sone 1

Zone 1 is approximately six kilometres long, and stretches between the bridge of the E6 and Holmen Bridge. Well-known places such as Telegraf, Bearpool and Patosuanto is found within this zone, but there's also plenty of other exciting options here. 

The lower parts of zone 1 is influenced by the tidal water, but could still be well worthy of a shot with the fly. This area could especially prove fruitful when it comes to sea-trout fishing, but quite a few salmon are landed here as well.

Zone 1 is easily accessible, either by using the gravel road leading into Olderø and Telegraf,  giving you easy access to all the pool up into Matero. To reach the top parts of zone 1, it's advisable to cross Holmen Bridge, take the second exit to the right, and travelling downstream. This will give you access to all the pools from Ojaluokka and down to Mantero.