Sone 1

Zone 1 is approximately six kilometres long, and stretches between the bridge of the E6 and Holmen Bridge. Well-known places such as Telegraf, Bearpool and Patosuanto is found within this zone, but there's also plenty of other exciting options here. 

The lower parts of zone 1 is influenced by the tidal water, but could still be well worthy of a shot with the fly. This area could especially prove fruitful when it comes to sea-trout fishing, but quite a few salmon are landed here as well.

Zone 1 is easily accessible, either by using the gravel road leading into Olderø and Telegraf,  giving you easy access to all the pool up into Matero. To reach the top parts of zone 1, it's advisable to cross Holmen Bridge, take the second exit to the right, and travelling downstream. This will give you access to all the pools from Ojaluokka and down to Mantero.

Important message to all anglers!

As a result of the large density of salmon downstream of the floating trap in Lakselva, the State Administrator has decided on a temporary extension of the protection zone downstream of the floating trap for the period from 27.07 to 03.08. LGF has therefore lost access to parts of the lower zone in Lakselva. We are therefore canceling the zoning between the upper and lower zone so that both landowners and day license anglers can fish freely on all zones that LGF disposes of. The cancellation of LGF's zoning lasts as long as the State Administrator's decision remains in force. This is an extraordinary situation where a decision has been made to allow the salmon to find their way past the float trap and distribute themselves up the river. We hope that our anglers understand what has happened.

NB! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that lures marked purple or green are only available to the LGF for part of the season and that the anglers himself must check whether these are included in the fishing license in the relevant period of fishing.


Viktig melding etter midtsesonsevaluering 2023 her

Important message after mid season evaluation 2023 here

Experience a unique fishing adventure in Lakselva! Starting from the 2023 season, Lakselva Grunneierforening introduces an exciting concept for anglers who wish to explore the private stretches of the river, where there will also be low fishing pressure.

Ticket sales for 2023 will open on May 30th at 12:00 PM here. A detailed map with a description of the two zones will be available by then.

The Grunneierforening areas encompass the old zone 1, zone 2, and the lower part of zone 3 but are now divided into upper and lower zones. To provide anglers with the optimal fishing experience, only a limited number of daily permits are sold, so you can pursue the big salmon in one of the world's best salmon rivers without experiencing congestion at the pools. The daily permits are valid from 6:00 PM on the selected day.

Our new concept of rotational fishing between the two zones gives you ample opportunities to explore both zones in peace and tranquility:

Upper Zone: On odd-numbered days in June and July, and on even-numbered days in August.

Lower Zone: On even-numbered days in June and July, and on odd-numbered days in August.

The landowners also have their own season permits, following the same rotational pattern between the upper and lower zones but on opposite days of the daily permit anglers. This ensures a fair distribution and variation for all anglers visiting the river.

The offer varies throughout the season as a result of the fact that LGF disposes of some beats only in periods. The number of available fishing licenses has therefore been adjusted accordingly so that the fishing pressure on our beats is felt to be constant. Season tickets are not sold on the beats that are fished by our day ticket anglers.

You can find the sections included in the Upper and Lower zones and their respective periods on the map at all times. Sections in the Lower Zone are marked in blue and purple, where blue is accessible throughout the season, while purple has specific periods when it is not available. Sections in the Upper Zone are marked in yellow and green, where yellow sections are accessible throughout the season, while green has specific periods when it is not available. See the overview:




Pink salmon fish trap and no fishing zone. The fish trap is operated by FeFo. They will be able to answer questions regarding time for installation, how the trap is going to be managed, how it will affect salmon and the fisheries in Lakselva etc. 

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