Meld deg på Norske Lakseelvers nyhetsbrev
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Rogstad beat

2,3 km beat just south of Støren on the eastern bank (Fv 30). Rented on a weekly basis with cottages included. Three cottages with 10 beds and a maximum of eight fishermen per week. Good fishing conditions on all water levelse.



At Rogstad Gård, fishermen have come to catch big salmon since the start of the 18th. century. It was in the beginning mostly English lords who came to try their luck, but today we have fishermen from all over the world, with scandinavians as the biggest group.

Our part of the river is 2,3 km long, with six main pools. This means that you can have good fishing at all vaterlevels, and that you will have enough space around you.

We sell fishingcards at a week for week basis, with a maximum amount of eight cards at the same time. We have three nice cabins with simple cooking conditions included in the price.

At Rogstad Gård, you will have the same good opportunities for catching a huge atlantic salmon as the other parts of the river. The biggest fish we know have been landed here was caught by Ole Rogstad in the summer of 196x. This salmon was 24,5 kg, and it took two hours to get it on dry land!

We hope to see you here soon!