Meld deg på Norske Lakseelvers nyhetsbrev
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Sandbraut is located a few hundred meters below Gaulfossen and is probably one of the better choices in the river Gaula

The Gaulfossen waterfall divides Gaula into an upper and a lower part. At the beginning of June, the salmon has problems passing through the waterfall due to high water level and cold water. The lower part of Gaula is usually best in June, especially those near Gaulfossen, where the salmon is waiting to go through the waterfall.

The beat is 800 m long on the west bank of Gaula, and is well suited for up to six rods at the same time. The beat have several good holding places for big salmon. Sandbraa fishes very well at high water levels, and the section holds many big salmons in early June. Later in the season, in the middle of July and August when the water level is lower, Sandbrauta also fishes well, especially on the lower parts of the beat.

Sandbrauta Lodge:
The fishing lodge is incredibly nice, just a stone's throw from the river. This traditional Norwegian house is newly renovated and suitable for a great experience. The house has everything you need for your stay to be as comfortable as possible. The house has five bedrooms and a total of eight beds. In the house you will find a living room / living room with TV and DVD, dining area, several showers and toilets, drying room for waders and wet equipment etc. Outside it is a nice place where you can have your barbecue, have an outdoor dinner, watch the river, or just have a coffee and a rest while tying flies before the evenings fishing.

The beat is only 1h and 15m by car from Trondheim Airport.