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Register for fishing 2022

Everybody who wishes to participate to fish in the Alta River in 2022 must register before January 31st 2022.

The draw will be done in the start of February. Date is not set. 

If you do not receive a receipt after online registration, then something has gone wrong, either with your payment or other things in your registration, and you are therefore NOT registered for the draw. Feel free to sign up again, or contact the office!

Mandag 03.januar 2022 / 14:46

Register for the Draw

Please read the application rules in this article:

Application rules:

The Registration for the draw will open January 4th

There is an age limit at 14 years old, or born in 2008 or earlier.
Only one registration pr. person.

You can register at
You have to pay NOK 600,-  pr. person to participate in the draw. Be aware that this amount  will not be refunded. To your information; it was 1215 persons who took part in the Lottery in 2021. We have licenses to approximately 75 persons.

If you are one of the lucky ones (1-75) that is drawn out in the lottery, you will be able to buy fishinglicense for minimum 2 days.

We want most of the registration done online, but if you have any problems with the online registration , you can send an email to with name, address, phone number and date of birth.

You must pay NOK 600,- to our account

Alta Laksefiskeri I/S ,


Name of our bank:           Sparebank1 Nord-Norge 9028 Tromsø.

Account number/ IBAN:  NO76 4901 13 01095

BIC/SWIFT :                      SNOWNO 22

This must be done no later than the 31st of January 2022.

​Mark your payment with "Registration for the Draw 2022" and the name that you want to be registered.


Norwegian words you need to know when filling out the application:
"Fødselsdato" is date of birth (day/month/year).
"Ønsker perioder/fiskeplass" "uaktuelle perioder" -  here you can fill in any wishes you may have about where to fish and when. We recommend that you fill in any dates/weeks that you absolutely cannot come to Alta. If not leave it open.

Price for the fishing license :

1 day in June/July: NOK. 3500,-

2 days in June/July 7000,-

3 or 6 days in August NOK 4800,-


It is possible to transfer the license within the family by application, the application must be justified. The person who buys the license has to attend in the fishing. You can have others with you, but it is only allowed to fish with one rod.  NO more than one rod at the same time.