Fishing before midsummer 2019

There is an unlimited sale of fishing licences in the Alta river for the period from 1th of June to the 13th of June. Thereafter there is draw for the three periods until the 22th of June. If you wish to participate in the draw you must register before the 25th of march. The draw will be conducted in week 13.

fredag 01.januar 2016 / 12:32

The fishing in this period for those living in Alta, Loppa or Kautokeino municipalities is NOK 100,- for the hole period. The price for those living in Norway outside these municipalities is NOK 200,- pr. day, and for those who live outside Norway NOK 400,- pr. day

The draw in week 13

  • 50 Licenses - 13th - 16th of June
  • 50licenses - 16th - 19th of June
  • 25 Licenses - 19th - 22th fo June



Everyone must buy License for three days these periods

It is free entry to register for the Draw. The period for registration is between the 11th and 24 of March.


Licences until the 13th

The Licenses from June 01 - 13 will be sold through letter to ALI, Steinfossveien 1, 9518 Alta,  or e-mail to It is no restriction on the number of fishingdays each individual can buy in this period.