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Om Lakselva Vald-og soneoversikt

General information

Gyrodactylus salaris

Gyrodactylus salaris is the biggest threat to all salmon rivers, and many rivers are destroyed forever due to this parasite. Be aware of your responsibility and disinfect your fishing equipment properly. See point 2 in the fishing regulations for more information about disinfection. Disinfection can be done at Circle K Lakselv and Skoganvarre Villmark.

To have the ability to fish for salmon in the future we are dependant on having spawning salmon. In Lakselva we are demanded to have atleast 3500 kilos of spawning henfish at spawning time. There’s an annual counting of fish when  the season is over which gives us the answer to whether or not we have reached this goal. Failure to reaching this goal will lead to stricter rules and a decrease in fishing possibilities the following season(s). Large female salmon constitutes for 95 % of the river’s annual production of egg/fry.

A large female spawner can give an annual 400 smolt. By releasing big henfish you do yourself, other fishermen and the river a great service. It’s your duty to follow the quotas given in the fishing rules. 

This is a common responsibility, and one person’s malbehaviour could be destructive to everyone.


To assure the greatest possibility of survival for the released fish it is important to act as follows:

  • Run the fish quick and hard
  • Do not carry or lift the fish out of water for more than 5 seconds, and do not drag it ashore
  • Act quick and effective
  • Use a hook loosening tool
  • Release the fish carefully. Hold the fish gently facing the current.

It is the responsibility of the fisherman to bring a proper means of measurement.

Catch report
With regard to point 6 in the fishing rules, every fisherman is committed by law to report all their catch, and this must be done continuously. You must also report your licenses if you don’t catch fish. To report the catch, go to www.scanatura.no or www.inatur.no/fangstrapportering.

Scale samples
The fishermen are encouraged to take scale samples of all fish they kill. Scale samples give valuable information about the fish in the river, and will also tell if it’s escaped farmed salmon. Envelopes for scale sampling is given out by our disinfection stations. The envelopes are either returned to the disinfection station, sent to Lakselv landowners association or delivered directly to our office.

A kelt is in short terms a salmon which spawned the previous fall. Because of the spawning and a long winter in the river, they are skinny and in bad condition (ref. picture). This condition makes them stay in calmer parts and deeper pools, where it takes a minimum of energy and effort to stay in the river. Especially the lower parts of zone 2 and zone 1 has a lot of kelt in the beginning of the season. Since the kelt is preparing for it’s voyage to the ocean, it’s silvery, and for an untrained eye, it might come of as a spring salmon. The healthy stocks of spawning fish we have in Lakselva leads to a lot of kelt the following spring. The kelts represent an important contribution to future seasons, as many of these survive and return to the river as even bigger fish. These robust fish carry a gen material well worth preserving. We urge everyone to be very gentle when encountering these fish, and even avoid areas know to support a lot of kelt.

Note that it is forbidden to kill any kelt.

Kelt can remain in the river for quite long, but towards the end of June, most seem to have left the river in favour of the ocean.

Properties where the license is valid
Your fishing license is valid on the parts of the river which is under the control of the Lakselv landowners association. Private properties are labelled in accordance with the regulations.

Fishing closure
The board of Lakselv landowners association may close fishing, or introduce additional restrictions in use of equipment and fishing if the run of fish is low, or if other conditions make it necessary.

Fishing rights
Everybody with a valid fishing license has equal rights to fish the parts of the river leased by Lakselv landowners asscociation.

Rotating fishing
Everybody is obligated to practice rotating fishing. If there is more than one fisherman in a pool, everybody has equal rights to fish through. Respect fishermen fishing from the opposite bank – they have the same rights as you.

Camping is not allowed closer to the river bank than 50 metres (150 feet). Show respect to the local settlement and common traffic when you camp. Motor homes, camper vans or camping wagons are forbidden by the riverside.

Waste management
Make sure you bring your own waste to designated containers. The environment along the river is a common responsibility.

Show respect to nature along the river and be careful when you make a fire. Avoid creating new fireplaces if there are excisting once in the vicinity. Do not cut barch from the trees.